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Save the Date 4/10 and 4/11

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McDowell's Spring Musical will take place at the HHS Auditorium on Monday, April 10, and Tuesday, April 11, at 7PM.  Your child will attend one performance.  See the schedule below:
Monday, April 10 - Bartolone, Evans, Montgomery, Wilson, LaScola, Matchinga, Miller
Tuesday, April 11 - Molchen, Sperry , Standley, Chaloupka, Mitchell, Richardson, Wilkins
The theme this year is baseball, so please have your child wear something that supports that. Examples would be baseball/softball uniforms (no cleats), baseball jersey/shirts, baseball hats, etc.  If your child does not have anything baseball related, he/she can simply wear red or blue to support the Cleveland Indians.  Please have your child wear comfortable shoes for the performance, as there is a lot of movement during the show, and tennis shoes will work best.  More information will be coming soon from Mrs. Gyurky, our music teacher.
Thank you